Modified Torch Down

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What is a Torch Down Roof?

Torch down roofing, also known as “torch on” roofing, is called so because it needs an open-flame propane torch. A roofing professional uses a hand-held propane torch to heat the material and attach it to the surface. Once the layers get the right temperature, seams are melted together to create a waterproof seal.

There are many advantages to torch-down roofing. The first feature of any roof system is to keep water out of the building, and torch-down roofing has excellent water-resistant properties. Provided the membrane and insulation are installed per the manufacturer’s application guidelines, the flat surface of a torch down roof prevents water from accumulating and allows it to drain off.

Advantages of Torch-Down Roof

  • The cap sheet on a torch-down roofing system has resistance to UV rays and reflectivity to keep the building cool and energy-efficient.
  • Torch-down is a rubberized material; it allows for excellent expansion and contraction in the intense heat and cold a roof can tolerate.
  • Its flexibility keeps roofs from cracking and makes it a very effective low slope or flat roofing material.
Shingle Roof Installation Leander

Since installation can be dangerous, it’s crucial to find the right roofing company to do the job. It’s easy to make a mistake while laying torch-on materials on a roof. Materials can be accidentally overheated and generate a fire that can fast spread throughout the dry, hot attic area. Ensure that the company doing your torch-down roof installation has the correct fire insurance in place and carries ticketed or certified flat roofers.

At JPG Roofing & Restoration, we carry all the necessary liability/fire insurance. We also have certified torch-on roof installers to ensure that you get a top-notch job. Call us today for your free, no-hassle quote!

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