Roof Replacement Leander

Reducing power costs for your organization, bringing down your carbon impression, meeting Renewable Purchase Commitments or shifting to electric versatility – whatever your power need is, our organization will offer the sun-oriented answer for suiting your objectives. JPG Roofing & Restoration provides top-notch, licensed solar system distribution services. Our focus is to empower organizations to decarbonize and decentralize power. We provide expertise and adequate ongoing system support, concentrated on maximizing the value of the solar energy assets of our customers and clients.

 Solar Rebates and Incentives
Texas renewable energy offers top incentives for homeowners like Texas Net Metering and the federal solar tax credit. Many reimbursements and incentive programs are available, including Austin Energy: If you reside in Austin, you can get a rebate of $2,500. Plus, you get qualified for Austin Energy’s Value of Solar Tariff, which offers you $0.097 for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) your panels can generate.
CPS Energy: If you’re a CPS Energy consumer, you can obtain up to $1.20/W of solar panels that you put on your roof. 

Texas Net Metering: If your utility has a net metering policy, you acquire credits on your electric bill for all of the excess power your solar systems produce. 

The Federal Solar Tax Credit:  The federal solar incentive for those who buy their PV system outright through cash or a solar loan and have enough earnings for the tax credit to be meaningful.

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