Residential Roofing

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Residential Roofing

Your home is a substantial investment, and at JPG Roofing & Restoration, we help you save one of its most essential parts - the roof. We have extensive experience dealing with all types of roofing issues and manage projects of all sizes. We have gained a reputation throughout the community for our high-quality work.

Your roof is one of the hallmarks of your safety and comfort. It protects you from external forces and allows you to stay relaxed all year round. But just because it’s out of sight, it often goes out of mind. Most people don’t consider getting a roof inspection unless they’re getting a new house or selling a home. As per the National Roofing Contractors Associations (NRCA), homeowners should consider getting their roofs inspected every fall and spring. Doing so will help them maintain their structure and prevent damage.

Shingle Roof Installation Leander

Our skilled technicians at JPG Roofing & Restoration have experience and training in examining various roofs. We carefully inspect the unit, reporting any weakness before compiling a report and creating customized solutions.

Some things we look for during roof inspections include:

  • Attic – We’ll check the intake ducts for any blockage and ensure the roof isn’t sagging.
  • Flashing – We’ll review to ensure your roof has proper flashing to prevent leaks.
  • Deterioration – We’ll examine for signs of damage on the top. You’ll want to make sure those are fixed - from loose shingles to weak spots.
  • Rot & Mold – Our JPG Roofing & Restoration residential roofing experts double-check to ensure there’s no presence of rot or mold in your roof.

Shingle Roof Replacements & Installations:

We specialize in Shingle Roof Replacements and Installations. Choosing the right shingles is the first critical step to a beautiful and strong roof. The price is also interlinked to the type of roofing material, its warranty and features. Furthermore, the quality of material and workmanship significantly affect the performance as well as the durability of your roofing. Therefore, it is important to select a reliable and experienced roofing company.

Here Is What You Should Know About Selecting Shingle Roofs:

  • Over the past several years, fiberglass shingles have replaced organic shingles.
  • These shingles that are inorganic in nature are saturated in asphalt with a ceramic granular coating.
  • The price varies depending on whether you want architectural, builder-grade or premium shingles.
  • Commonly used materials for sloped roof shingle applications include asphalt, cedar shingles and shakes, slate tile, ceramic or concrete tile and metal.

Shingle Warranty

A dependable warranty works as a protective shield against manufacturing and installation defects.

Please find out:

  • the length of the warranty
  • Whether the warranty is transferable
  • What is covered under the warranty?

JPG Roofing and Restoration also recommends that you pay adequate attention to ventilation and decking. Shingle warranties are considered void if (i) the roof does not have adequate ventilation to allow air movement through intakes and vents, (ii) too much condensation builds up in the roof because of flawed building methods and (c) due to damaged or warped decking.

Metal Roofing: Flat-panel or Striations

Flat panels are metal panel profiles that create a flush, seamless appearance. They utilize a concealed fastener system, so no hardware is visible after installation, making for a neat, uninterrupted finished product. They can range in size and form and be used as wall panels in interior and exterior settings. Flat panels give a crisp look that imitates a wood-plank appearance, bringing the longevity and durability that metal provides.

Striations are a sequence of ridges, ribs, or waves added to metal panels to reduce or minimize the look of oil canning. Striations are more practical at disguising oil canning compared to stiffening ribs. The groove pattern of striations has very little flat space on the panel for oil canning to even be noticeable. We suggest adding striations to Standing Seam and other flat panels to maintain them to look their finest. If your roof looks like it has waves, you may want to add striations.

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