Soffits, Fascia & Eavestrough

Author: JPG Roofing & Restoration |

We specialize in installing soffit and fascia and remediation. Well-installed aluminum soffits and fascias are essential for good attic ventilation and a watertight house. 

Plywood soffits and fascias tend to wear out and create ventilation and water leakage problems in houses. Our remediation work on plywood soffits is like overhauling the entire system: installing new soffits, fascias and eavestroughs after removing and replacing the actual fascia board. 

Outdoor Living, Decks & Fences

JPG Roofing and Restoration has extensive experience with both standard renovations and emergency repairs on decks and fences. We pride ourselves on making use of up-to-date new products that meet the homeowner’s tailored requirements and budget.

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