Metal Roofing: Flat-panel or Striations

Author: JPG Roofing & Restoration |

Flat panels are metal panel profiles that create a flush, seamless appearance. They utilize a concealed fastener system, so no hardware is visible after installation, making for a neat, uninterrupted finished product. They can range in size and form and be used as wall panels in interior and exterior settings. Flat panels give a crisp look that imitates a wood-plank appearance, bringing the longevity and durability that metal provides.

Striations are a sequence of ridges, ribs, or waves added to metal panels to reduce or minimize the look of oil canning. Striations are more practical at disguising oil canning compared to stiffening ribs. The groove pattern of striations has very little flat space on the panel for oil canning to even be noticeable. We suggest adding striations to Standing Seam and other flat panels to maintain them to look their finest. If your roof looks like it has waves, you may want to add striations. 

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