2. Will my premium increase if I file a roof insurance claim?

Author: JPG Roofing & Restoration |

If you weren’t irresponsible, then probably not. Since hail damage is not caused by negligence, most insurance firms will not increase your premium if you file a claim. It’s not like you moved your place into the hail storm. By comparison, if you back your vehicle into your garage gate, that’s carelessness - you didn’t open the car door or make sure it was open before you backed up. So, your premium will likely go up, in that case.

What materials do I need to use for an insurance loss claim?
If applicable, repair damage to your property with equivalent material and quality is expected by your insurance carrier and mortgagor. We use the insurance adjuster to determine the scope of work to assure proper replacement and repair. When getting a job done at your home, you must know precisely what will be done and how much it will cost. Other essential repairs, additional work, and associated expenses can become apparent after the job has started to repair a storm-damaged home. In most cases, when working for insurance begins, JPG Roofing & Restoration can contact the insurance company adjuster for supplemental claims. 

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